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TVSquared’s “TV Talk with Jo Kinsella” podcast is designed to bring you news, insights and real-world perspectives from leaders across the rapidly evolving TV advertising ecosystem.

Jo Kinsella, TVSquared’s President, sits down with special guests to share professional and personal insights on a wide range of topics, including linear and digital TV advertising, leadership in the age of the COVID-19 and workplace diversity and inclusion. All podcast episodes will be available on this page, or listeners can easily subscribe via the channels below.

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“TV Talk with Jo Kinsella” is available on most podcast apps and popular channels, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.


Episode 22: Putting Audience at the Center of Your TV Strategy

Jo is joined by Bob Ivins, Chief Strategy Officer at TVSquared, and Aimee Irwin, VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Experian, to talk about why audience activation is so critical and how Experian utilizes the power of data and technology to make the right marketing decisions.

Episode 21: The ABCs of DTC Success

Jo is joined by Mark Jones, President and CEO of LifeBrands D2C. Mark has been working with DTCs for decades. He launched Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo campaign in the 90’s and has since been skyrocketing DTC companies to success. Hear how Mark thinks about audiences, why data needs to be actionable, and his advice on how DTC’s can maximize their cross-platform TV campaigns this year and beyond.

Episode 20: Measure TV How People Watch It

We can’t use old technology to measure a digital version of television. In this week’s episode, Jo chats with Bob Ivins, Chief Strategy Officer at TVSquared, and breaks down the importance of measuring TV like digital and giving advertisers the cross-platform insights they need to increase the efficiency of their TV ad campaigns.

Episode 19: Enabling the Enablers

This week Jo is joined by Aleck Schleider, CRO at Blockgraph, to discuss the TVSquared + Blockgraph partnership, the importance of omni-channel TV measurement and audience data, and solving for the long-asked question: “did my TV work?”

Episode 18: The Future of TV is Addressable

On this episode of TV Talk, Jo is joined by Adam Gaynor, VP of Network Partnerships at VIZIO, to focus on the addressable market, what Project OAR is doing to standardize it and why it’s such a big deal for viewers, brands, and broadcasters/networks.

Episode 17: The Relationship Between OTT and Mobile

Most people associate OTT consumption with TV sets, but mobile accounts for about 22% of viewing time, making it a channel that shouldn’t be ignored by marketers. This episode features Dr. Gijsbert Pols (Product Strategist at Adjust) and focuses on the relationship between OTT and mobile, why advertisers should be leveraging it and how the industry can overcome some of the challenges associated with it.

Episode 16: The Agency of the Future

Jo is joined by Bill McCabe, President & CEO at Eicoff, to discuss what agencies like Eicoff should be doing to keep up with the changing media landscape, the evolution of TV beyond linear, and the most overlooked aspect of a successful TV campaign.

Episode 15: The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital

Effectv & TVSquared recently teamed up to analyze TV’s impact on digital during COVID-19 with a report titled “The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital.” In this week’s TV Talk episode, Jo is joined by James Rothwell (VP, Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations at Comcast Advertising) and Melissa Hutter (Senior Director, Measurement Strategy at Effectv) to dive into the report and dissect some of the key findings.

Episode 14: Disrupting the Old Guard

JT Batson, Founder and CEO of Hudson MX, joins the TV Talk podcast to focus on how Hudson MX has turned TV buying on its head and the disruption we are seeing in the industry during COVID-19.

Episode 13: Thinking Outside the Parsley Box: The Shift to TV Ads

TV Talk welcomes the first brand to the podcast! Jo is joined by Linzi Clingan, Marketing Director at Parsley Box, to talk about the company’s first TV ad campaign, the boom in sales during the pandemic, and what the future looks like for the food delivery brand.

Episode 12: The Anti-Strategy Approach

Jo is joined by Calum Smeaton, CEO of TVSquared, and James Burgess, Founder of Squadron Venture Media, to discuss how DTC and fast-growth brands are taking advantage of TV during the pandemic. The group talks about agility, flexibility, and the “anti-strategy approach” of using data to inform campaigns.

Episode 11: Let’s Get Political

2020 is shaping up to be one of the largest political ad spending years to date. Jo sits down with Dan Sinagoga, VP of Political Advertising at Effectv, to discuss TV’s role in politics, trends among political advertisers, and why trusting the data is critical during an election cycle.

Episode 10: The Swivel Chair Pivot

TV Talk welcomes Sheryl Goldstein, EVP of Member Engagement and Development at the IAB, to talk about the shifts in how business is currently operating amidst COVID-19. She discusses how we encourage company culture in a “virtual world,” the re-forecasting of revenue and expenses for streamed events, and ultimately how we can meet clients where they are.

Episode 09: CTV’s Path to Maturity

Jo sits down with Jeremy Steinberg, Global Head of Ecosystem at MediaMath, to break down advertiser needs for CTV during COVID-19, the multitude of benefits derived from the MediaMath Source Platform, and building a new supply chain that is focused on accountability, addressability, and alignment.

Episode 08: The UK TV Landscape

Stuart Smith, Managing Director at Mostly Media, joins us to give a UK perspective on how clients are taking business to the next level with TV, how (and if) planning and buying will change as a result of COVID-19, and UK inventory price drops that have allowed new advertisers to enter the space.

Episode 07: Mixing Art and Science with Marketing Architects

Chuck Hengel, CEO/Founder of Marketing Architects, joins TV Talk to discuss how the funnel has changed during COVID-19, using AI to maximize shifts in inventory, and why attribution and proof of performance is essential right now.

Episode 06: Goodbye to the Dog and Pony Show

Jo speaks with Brad Adgate, Independent Media Consultant and Forbes Contributor, to talk the Upfronts in the wake of COVID-19, eGames, and why advertisers should sustain budgets throughout the current pandemic.

Episode 05: Opening the Aperture to Think Broader About Diversity and Inclusion

Monique Nelson, CEO of Uniworld Group, joins Jo to talk about how we can open our lens to a more diverse and inclusive work environment during the pandemic. Monique discusses tactical things we can do right now to ensure inclusive practices and how there is still innovation, opportunity, and acceleration during this unprecedented time.

Episode 04: The “Attention Stack” and What Data-Driven Really Means

Albert Thompson, Managing Director of Digital at Walton Isaacson, sits down with Jo to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting where consumer attention lies, how advertisers can capitalize on consumer attention, and the way client attitudes toward OTT advertising have shifted in the wake of the pandemic.

Episode 03: Home Sweet Home Office, with Effectv’s Andrea Zapata

Jo speaks with Andrea Zapata, VP of Data Innovation and Insights at Effectv, about finding a new work-life balance as ad executives and parents in this new paradigm. Jo and Andrea also discuss the challenges and discoveries around keeping their teams engaged, productive and feeling good in a time of global uncertainty.

Episode 02: The Brand View – Staying Relevant During a Global Crisis, with VAB’s Danielle DeLauro

Jo sits down with Danielle DeLauro, EVP at the VAB (Video Advertising Bureau), to discuss TV advertising for brands in the time of COVID-19. Jo and Danielle share insights on TV and OTT performance, ad spend and viewing trends, and offer tangible, real-world advice that every advertiser needs to consider right now – whether they are increasing TV presence or not.

Episode 01: Preparation, Not Hibernation – The COVID-19 Shift

We are all part of a global, homebound economy; a shift that has changed our viewing habits and response behaviors significantly. To adapt, advertisers have had to reevaluate business strategies, shift ad spend and revamp messaging and storytelling. Discover what TVSquared has learned about this shift from thousands of advertiser clients, find out which industries are leaning into TV (and which are pulling back) and hear best practices for campaign effectiveness during a time of crisis.

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